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Great Northern Empire Builder

All photos and captions from a Great Northern folder published, I believe, in 1958, although the domes were added to the train earlier in the 1950s. ¬†Amtrak’s Empire Builder travels the same route from Seattle/Portland to the Twin Cities (although … Continue reading

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Burlington Zephyrs and non-Zephyrs

As a kid, I wrote to Burlington and asked for pictures of their trains, and received the postcards below of six Zephyrs.             By later in life I was interested in the non-Zephyrs, as well, … Continue reading

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California Zephyr refurbished

In the late 1950s through the first half of 1960 the three railroads that ran the pre-Amtrak California Zephyr refurbished the train’s cars that had been functioning since the late 1940s. Above is the refurbished cocktail lounge beneath the dome … Continue reading

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