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Neither artist nor date is shown in this folder of postcards offered once upon a time by the Monon (Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Railroad). Visit the Monon Railroad Historical Technical Society by clicking here.

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This book of more than 40 Howard Fogg paintings on detachable postcards was published by New York Central July 1, 1964 and shows a cover price of $2.00.

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Coast Starlight Predecessors: Southern Pacific Coast and Shasta Routes

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Milwaukee Road Olympian Hiawatha

Only two railroads had their own track from Chicago to the West Coast: Santa Fe and Milwaukee Road. One prospered in the passenger market (Santa Fe) and the other didn’t. Although post-War Milwaukee streamlined its Olympian Hi sooner than one … Continue reading

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1950s Florida East Coast Railway booklet

I recently rode the Amtrak Silver Meteor, once a train of Florida East Coast’s competitor Seaboard. Today’s Meteor follows its original track only as far as inland central Florida; from there north it uses track once traveled by the Atlantic … Continue reading

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Great Northern Empire Builder

All photos and captions from a Great Northern folder published, I believe, in 1958, although the domes were added to the train earlier in the 1950s. ¬†Amtrak’s Empire Builder travels the same route from Seattle/Portland to the Twin Cities (although … Continue reading

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Southern Pacific’s Overland Route promotions, 1950s

Like the Golden State, the City of San Francisco never had its own full-color brochure after the train became daily in the late forties because the train sets varied. Southern Pacific included the Overland Route as one of its four … Continue reading

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Southern Pacific-Rock Island Golden State

The Chicago-LA ¬†streamliner Golden State wasn’t orange and white, as this artist’s rendering looks, but red and silver, and was that for only the first couple of years of its life as a streamliner, from 1948 until soon after 1950, … Continue reading

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Travel the Santa Fe Way

This black-and-white brochure issued during the ‘sixties includes a few photos I haven’t seen elsewhere, including the one above of the lounge car on El Capitan. ¬†(Today these cars are Pacific Parlor Cars–diner-lounges, really–on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight, an interesting transition … Continue reading

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Amtrak Diners: Making Streamliner Memories Today

Pardon me while I fast-forward to the present day, where, for better or worse, the trains aren’t so different than they were in the streamliner era. We don’t have high-speed trains as they do in so much of the world, … Continue reading

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