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Winter in Mononland

These paintings are reproduced from a postcard folder published by the railroad without attribution.

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Spring, Summer, and Fall in Mononland

The pictures are reproduced from a post card folder published by the railroad without any attribution to the artist.

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Merry Xmas from New York Central

These four wintry scenes are reproduced from a Pittsburgh and Lake Erie postcard book of Howard Fogg paintings commissioned by the railroad. The bottom scene is the P&LE building and terminal in Pittsburgh.

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Save Amtrak long-distance trains

Sign the petition at

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Chicago to Cleveland or Pittsburgh: 5 railroad routes until the 1950s

As I left Chicago recently on Amtrak’s Capitol Limited, riding over former New York Central rails toward Cleveland on almost the same schedule as New York Central’s Lake Shore Limited, I ate dinner in the diner and then lay in … Continue reading

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Amtrak California Zephyr predecessor, from Western Pacific timetable, April 28, 1968, front and back covers

Today’s Zephyr goes over Donner Pass, on tracks that were Southern Pacific’s, instead of through the Feather River Canyon, on tracks that were Western Pacific’s. The route between Salt Lake City and Chicago, through the heart of the Rockies on … Continue reading

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Fast Trains of the ’30s and Earlier

The list above is from the Lucius Beebe book High Iron published in 1938. These 1930s records are a sad commentary on the lack of development of high-speed rail in the U.S. I couldn’t resist reproducing the photo below, also from High … Continue reading

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Budd New Haven RDC Cars: Late ’40s, Early ’50s Ad

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Budd Western Pacific “Zephyrette” RDC Ad

  For more about RDCs, and more about Western Pacific’s Zephyrettes, click on RDC on side bar.

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Missouri Pacific Colorado Eagle Ad: Late ’40s, Early ’50s

The Eagle took you to mountains like in the drawing, but didn’t quite reach them. Dome coach, grill coach, diner-lounge, sleepers, coaches, overnight St. Louis to Denver.

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