Travel the Santa Fe Way


This black-and-white brochure issued during the ‘sixties includes a few photos I haven’t seen elsewhere, including the one above of the lounge car on El Capitan.  (Today these cars are Pacific Parlor Cars–diner-lounges, really–on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight, an interesting transition for the cars, which began as lounges on an all-coach train.) Note the sign above the stairs telling passengers that the “Kachina Coffee Shop” is below. At one end of the car’s upper level was a news agent stand. The news agent periodically passed through the train selling his wares (candy, cigarettes, magazines, etc.). I had a friend in high school whose older brother, a college student, got a summer job as a news agent on El Capitan. What a dream job, to my mind at the time.

The dining car, below, could be on any Santa Fe train except the Hi-Level El Capitan. Likewise for the coach scene, below that, with the stipulation that it be a train with leg-rest coaches (not the day trains, in other words, and, during the era of this brochure, probably not the Grand Canyon).

The “Big Dome” scene, bottom, would be on the Chief, San Francisco Chief, or Chicagoan/Kansas Cityan.





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