Union Pacific City of Los Angeles Redwood Lounge Car

UPredwoodlgeFrom the booklet “California,” from which the text about Union Pacific’s California trains is produced in a post below.

My memory is that this car also contained 6 double-bedrooms. It was designed to run behind the dome diner, between the dome diner and the sleepers, so passengers would have a place to stop for a cocktail on their way to dinner. This was during the brief years (approximately 1955-1960) when the flat-end dome observation lounge ran on the rear of the train. Once the dome observation lounge became, instead, a dome center-of-the-train lounge, the Redwood Lounge either wasn’t run or, when the train operated as all-sleeping car during summers and Christmas season, was positioned on the opposite side of the dome diner from the dome lounge.


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