Frisco Texas Special diesels, brand new in La Grange, Illinois, 1947

FRISCOTEXASSPECIALReproduced here from a Vanishing Vista’s post card, the photo is credited to the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors.

The Texas Special was streamlined in the late forties and competed with Missouri Pacific’s Texas Eagle. The Texas Special carried an observation lounge three nights out of four, with a lounge car running  instead on that night.

The train was run jointly with MKT (Katy), which took it over in Oklahoma. Frisco also ran the Kansas City-Florida Special, a joint operation with the Southern Railway which took it over in Birmingham, so  from Missouri Frisco reached deep into Texas and, at one time, as far south in Florida as Miami. (The through sleepers from Kansas City were carried at varying times by Seaboard and by the Florida East Coast for the journey below Jacksonville, where Southern’s track ended.)


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