Milwaukee Road “Colorado, Utah and other Mountain Vacationlands”



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Some of the photos in this black-and-white booklet appear elsewhere on this blog in color, but I wanted to share them in the form of this Milwaukee Road promotion. Reproduced are only the front and back covers and two pages that describe trains, not the entire brochure.

The City of Denver page, below, shows that at the time of this booklet’s publication (printed 1-15-58) that train was still being run on its own, not as part of the City of Portland.

The City of Los Angeles and Challenger page describes the first as “all-pullman” and the second as “all-coach,” which means the Challenger Streamliner’s few years as a morning departure from Chicago are over. Now both trains left in the evening, one fifteen minutes behind the other, unless there was little enough traffic to combine them, as was the case from mid-September until the Christmas rush and again from after Christmas until June.

The superdome lounge shown on the back cover wouldn’t see service on any of the trains promoted in this brochure until cancellation of the Olympian Hiawatha. Accordingly, it’s shown along the Chicago-Twin Cities route and doesn’t really belong on this brochure at all.



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