Southern Piedmont Limited, Crescent, Southerner, Kansas City-Florida Special: 1940s diesel color scheme


This Vanishing Vistas postcard, photo by Leonard W. Price, May 14, 1947, tells us in text on the back by Robert A. Le Massena, that these units were waiting to haul the Piedmont Limited from Washington, DC to Atlanta, and that the Piedmont that day would leave Washington with 14 heavyweight cars: 2 express, 1 mail, 1 baggage, 4 coaches, 1 diner, and 5 sleepers. At that time, the Piedmont Limited and the Crescent used Southern rails only between DC and Atlanta, continuing to Montgomery via the Atlanta & West Point/Western Railway of Alabama, and from Montgomery to New Orleans via Louisville & Nashville. Only the Southerner used Southern rails all the way from Washington to New Orleans, as does Amtrak’s Crescent today. The Southerner’s companion train between Birmingham and New Orleans was the Pelican, which used the Southern-Norfolk & Western route through Tennessee to get from Washington to Atlanta, and the Southerner’s companion train between Birmingham and Atlanta was the Kansas City-Florida Special, which traveled from KC to Birmingham on the Frisco and continued from Atlanta to Jacksonville on Southern. 


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