Seaboard Silver Meteor, Silver Star, Gulf Wind, Palmland: April 1959 brochure



By 1959 Seaboard saw a lucrative market among Spanish speakers and produced the pamphlet below, from which the three pictures above are enlargements. It’s one of the few pamphlets I have that advertise Seaboard’s trains, and I think it notable for including the Gulf Wind and the Palmland.

Click to enlarge, and click again to enlarge further. Likewise for much of what you see on this blog.


SEABOARDspanish SEABOARDspanishcover SEABOARDspanish2 SEABOARDgulfwind SEABOARDspanish3 SEABOARDsilverstar

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2 Responses to Seaboard Silver Meteor, Silver Star, Gulf Wind, Palmland: April 1959 brochure

  1. JIM says:

    This brings back memories! From 57-59, as a New Yorker going to Grad School @ FSU I traveled on the Silver Meteor, NY to Jacksonville (coach of course) & loved it. Dinner while passing DC and the Capitol was a treat; viewing the City of Miami w/ its beautiful livery arrive in Jacksonville about the same time, was special. There I’d have to change to the Gulf Wind (definitely not equal to the Meteor) for Tallahassee, w/ several hours wait. But the Gulf Wind was memorable too: now legally of age to have a cocktail in the lounge car, and having seen so many movie stars drinking Martinis, I ordered one! Ugh!! But I finished it!!

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