Baltimore and Ohio Streamliner Cincinnatian of the late ’40s, 1950s


Photo by Don Wood, reproduced here from an Audio-Visual Designs postcard captioned: “‘The Cincinnatian,’ train number 53 westbound from Toledo, makes a station and water stop at Deshler, O. The time was July 1956, just a few months before the removal of steam.”

The Cincinnati was inaugurated in 1947 as an all-day train from Baltimore and Washington to Cincinnati, but failed to attract enough passengers on that route so on June 25, 1950 was re-inaugurated on the Cincinnati-Detroit run. My grandmother rode it on its second inaugural trip and thought it the best train she’d ever ridden.



The two photos above and the two below are from Beebe & Clegg, The Trains We Rode.




In the photos above and below–from Stegmaier. Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Service, 1945-1971-volume 1: The Route of the National Limited–the railroad’s Cincinnatian was still on its Baltimore-Cincinnati route.


The cover of Stegmaier’s book, one of a number of good books on B&O streamliners.


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