French Quarter Lounge, Southern Pacific Sunset Limited


This Southern Pacific publicity photo of the French Quarter Lounge on the Sunset Limited, which received its streamlined equipment in 1950, is reproduced from the wonderful, definitive work, The Sunset Limited, by Jarel, Ryan, and Signor. Below, I reproduce a similar photo from Southern Pacific’s booklet “Wonderful Ways West.”


The walls and ceiling of the car were “Sunset Pink,” and in a promotional campaign the railroad involved Harper’s Bazaar magazine. “The greater portion of the January 1950 issue…was devoted to ‘Sunset Pink’ and train themes in both editorial content and advertising.” (Jarel, Ryan, and Signor, p. 115)

Below I reproduce the Sunset Limited pages from Southern Pacific’s booklet, “Wonderful Ways West,” in my collection. Later I’ll reproduce the rest of the booklet as I come to other material about the particular trains. Later I’ll also reproduce a booklet SP produced dedicated to the Sunset Limited alone.

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