Erie Limited and Wabash Cannonball


To give some railroad variety to today’s posts, above is the eastbound Erie Limited along the Canisteo River near Hornell, NY. The Erie Railroad managed to go from New Jersey (greater New York City) to Chicago and miss all the major cities in between, actually not a good thing for a railroad.

Below, in a 3/26/60 R.R. Wallin photo and behind an Alco diesel, beloved by many rail fans, is the westbound Wabash Cannon Ball at Decatur, IL. The song, The Wabash Cannonball (also Wabash Cannon Ball), became popular in the early 1900s and was not about a real train. In 1949 the Wabash Railroad named its St. Louis-Detroit day train the Wabash Cannon Ball.


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