New York Central, Pennsylvania Broadway Limited, and Budd RDC car ads from the National Geographic


I have 50 or so ads scissored out of a junior-high pal’s father’s National Geograhics collection (you can imagine how happy his father was when he found out what his son had done). Because of how I came into possession of these, I don’t know exact dates, although the ads speak for themselves, timewise. I’ll post the whole collection here, as I come to it in the process of going through my boxes of railroad literature.

For those who might not know, the Broadway Limited was the all-sleeping car competitor to New York Central’s Twentieth Century Limited (the latter being the train featured in the movie North by Northwest). A friend told me of sitting down next to Jack Benny in the Broadway’s observation car and having a casual conversation with him over before-dinner drinks. In the future I’ll post more about both trains.

If you click on the ads once, they should open in a new frame; click on each again and it will become greatly enlarged so that reading the text isn’t a problem.


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