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Happy holidays and safe travels.

The Milwaukee Journal photo above was taken during the blizzard of January 29, 1947. The photo is reproduced here from the book Milwaukee Road Remembered, Jim Scribbins. The photo below is from a promotional flyer in my private collection. It … Continue reading

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Rock Island stationery

I don’t know what train this is from because I bought this stationery at a rail fan fair. This envelope and note page were probably in a desk in a lounge car. In my collection I have Union Pacific Challenger … Continue reading

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Louisville and Nashville Hummingbird crossing Biloxi Bay

(From my post card collection.) L&N’s caption on the back reads: “Louisville and Nashville Railroad Diesel-powered streamlined de luxe coach-Pullman train between Cincinnati-Chicago-St. Louis and New Orleans. Smart dining car serving famous L&N meals. Full length tavern-lounge car, radio.”

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Pennsylvania Railroad schedule, July 30, 1961

Front cover above, back cover below. A unique feature of Pennsy’s system schedules was the map of stations in Chicago, below.

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Wabash streamliner Blue Bird

This is one of a handful of color photos from Beebe & Clegg, The Trains We Rode.

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Southern Railway April 29, 1962 schedule

Front cover above, back cover below, and inside front cover below that. I won’t scan contents of schedules other than ads and occasional pages. Reprints of the Official Guide of the Railways are available from Cape Ann Train Company,  Originals … Continue reading

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Santa Fe “de Luxe” loading, L.A., 1915–long before streamliners and a poster romanticizing the train

“Junior patently doesn’t want to go. The porter has begun in advance to hate his passengers, and the woman on the steps is getting ready to file complaints before the train moves out of the depot.” The quote above is from … Continue reading

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California Zephyr brochure (original, showing the interiors as they were from the train’s 1949 inauguration until its late 1950s refurbishing)

The front cover, above, and the back cover, below, followed by all pages in the brochure. To see the rest of the brochure, click to the right.  

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