Union Pacific City of Denver interiors from the UP booklet “Colorado,” January, 1957


The photos are from the booklet in my collection. Click for enlargements (although expect some blurring). Union Pacific fans have one of the best of all railroad books in The Union Pacific Streamliners, Harold Ranks and Wm. Kratville. According to their book, the diner pictured is either one of twins 5105-5106, which were articulated to kitchen-dormitory cars. They were in two sets of City of Denver trains placed into service in Jan., 1954. The lounge was one of twins 1501 and 1500, rebuilt from LA-405, 406 according to Ranks and Kratville. As much as I’ve lovingly pored over their book, I can’t find LA-405, 406 in it. According to my June, 1949 Official Guide, the City of Denver carried an observation sleeping car, but according to my 1954 Guide it carried a club-lounge car for sleeping car passengers. Ranks and Kratville indicate the lounge was run on the end of the train. In the photo above, the car appears to have a curved end, but maybe that’s an illusion. Or maybe by 1954 Union Pacific simply called it a club-lounge even though it was actually what most of us would call an observation lounge. If anyone knows the answer to this question, please leave a comment.




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